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CLIMAVENETA "ERACS.C-INV" high efficiency screw chiller has introduced the latest technology from Italy which can obviously reduce the
total investment and operation cost without conventional cooling tower, cooling water pump and the cooling system.

Unit Features

CLIMAVENETA "ERACS.C-INV" high efficiency screw chiller has introduced the latest technology from Italy which can obviously reduce the total investment and operation cost without conventional cooling tower, cooling water pump and the cooling system. The unit can be installed on the building roof or outdoor that no extra plant room is needed. The ERACS.C-INV units are optimized for all commercial and industry application.

Inverter Screw Type Compressor


  • Semi-hermetic screw compressor specially designed for HFC134a with higher compression efficiency under full load as well as part load; 
  • Precisely manufactured twin-screw rotor with aircraft-grade bear featuring in high reliability, low noise, low vibration and stable running;
  • The inverter motor drives the bear directly with fewest moving components and wearing parts that causes no energy loss and is with higher mechanical efficiency;
  • Automatically adjust power output according to load by microprocessor.

Inverter Fan

High efficiency exterior rotor inverter fan from German brand. It can
reduce the energy consumption and fan noise.

Super Low Noise

All compressors of ERACS.C-INV series are installed on the vibration isolator. The rubber pad is also fixed between compressor and frame to prevent vibration and noise. The fan is exclusive designed with aircraft grade blades and aluminum-cast exterior motor as well as the air deflector cylinder to eliminate air side noise.

Cost Saving

Compared with conventional units, INVERTER series can have the
payback in 2 years.

Reliable Operation

The unit is designed, manufactured, tested according to international and local standard AHRI, EN, UNI, JIS, GB/T18430.1 for reliable performance. And the electrical system is also strictly designed and produced comply with standard IEC60204-1/GB5226.1. The unit is controlled by the dedicated microprocessor control system. In order to protect the operation safety, the high/ low pressure switch, over/under voltage, phase failure, over load, winding over heat, gas exhaust temperature, water flow switch and oil heater are all equipped. Casing protection confirms with GB4208-2008.

Eracs.C-INV Inverter Air Cooled Screw Chiller

Energy Saving

ERACS.C-INV adopts inverter screw type compressor integrated with latest inverter technology. It has higher part load efficiency and more precise control accuracy. IPLV@AHRI can achieve up to 5.17, 10% higher than convectional screw units, with higher operation efficiency.

Project Reference

Background : A club in south China,building 4000m2,conditioning 3500m2
Unit Selection : Comparison between a 165RT convectional and inverter screw compressor air cooled chiller

Achievement : Operating cost saving achieve 10% when using INVERTER series screw compressor air cooled chiller compared with convectional screw compressor air cooled chiller.
Summary : Inverter series screw compressor air cooled chiller has higher IPLV value. It is suitable for applications with unstable cooling load demand and running at part load most of the time, such as hotel, hospital, shopping mall, office buildings, etc.

EC Fan(optional)

Energy saving can reach 42% with EC fan compared with
convectional fan due to its high efficiency.

Excellent Performance

The standard harmonic distortion rate THD of the unit meets the requirements of IEC61000-3-4 and GB/T17625. In accordance with IEEE-519 and GB/T14594-93 requirements for harmonic distortion, the total harmonic distortion rate THD can be as low as 5% or less, and the compensation correction displacement power factor is 0.95 during the operation of the unit. The inverter adopts refrigerant cooling and the optimized piping design which ensures cooling of the inverter and avoids unnecessary cooling capacity loss.

Advanced Control System

A brand-new control system is equipped with the features of friendly human-machine interface, excellent controls and adjustments ability,
strong capabilities of function expansion, monitoring and management, as well as strong compatibility.

Friendly human-machine interface

The touch screen is embedded in the unit for convenient operation and well protection. The automatic control by the computer realizes unattended operation. LCD screen can display data and parameter adjustment in various languages and menus. According to the tradition of Climaveneta, the status and parameters of the compressor are visually displayed individually to make sure the operating status clear at a glance.

Network Communication and Building Management Control

The chiller supports BMS connection and can connect to common BMS systems such as MODBUS, LONWORKS, BACNET and so on.

Unit Control and Operation Management

The advanced microcomputer intelligent control system of W3000 contains specially designed control algorithm of Climaveneta. It highlights the energy efficiency and reliability of the unit. The balanced running time of FIFO compressor prolongs the life of machine. The automatic adjustment of the output load makes the machine more energy saving. Combining with the load shedding system of the compressor can achieve 25-100% stepless adjustment. The adjustments and settings of the operating parameters can adapt to different environments. The temperature and pressure protection using analog measurement can predict and prevent of failure and increase reliability.

Fault Protection, Alarm and Analysis Capabilities

The microcomputer intelligent controller contains perfect functions of fault protection, alarm, recording and analysis. It has protection functions of high/low pressure switch, lack of phase, reverse phase, overload, overcurrent, overheat, exhaust temperature, water flow, frost and so on. The controller also achieves fault recording and alarm display. The unique “Black Box” fault recording and analyzing system can record 400 failures and more than 200 field data before each failure. It can diagnose and remove faults rapidly to improve the technical support effect. By connecting to the Climaveneta remote service program, it can find potential failures before they occur and take proper preventive treatments.

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