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AQS Modular Air Cooled Chiller/Heat Pump

The CLIMAVENETA AQS modular air-cooled chiller/ heat pump adopts the environment friendly refrigerant HFC410A, and the cooling capacity
for each module can be 65kW or 130kW separately.

Units Description

The CLIMAVENETA AQS modular air-cooled chiller/ heat pump adopts the environment friendly refrigerant HFC410A, and the cooling capacity
for each module can be 65kW or 130kW separately. Up to 16 modules can be connected in parallel to get combined capacity from 65kW to
2080kW. It can save the investment of cooling system and the operating cost, also the unit can be installed on the roof without extra plant room.
The unit is wildly suitable to commercial and industrial application and meets both the cooling and heating requirements.

AQS065 M-N

AQS130 M-N

Features and Benefits

  • Intelligent UPC microprocessor with human-machine interface
    screen, unit managing, network and communication, protection
    when under alarm and alarm management functions.
  • Multi-language menu, shortcut key, graphic unit status. Average
    compressor running time to extend unit working life.

Different from the traditional heat pump, CLIMAVENETA developed the SMART DEFROST system. It has the self-adaptive function which can modify and adjust the next defrost process based on outdoor temperature and humidity as well as last defrost result.

  • The unit adopts the high efficiency flexible scroll compressor with high COP, low noise, liquid hammer protection, anti-wear and perfect reliability.
  • Dual compressor design which can adjust the quantity of running compressors according to load change, and its start current is small

Use the high efficient components including scroll compressor,plate heat exchanger and HFC410A.The performance coefficient of the unit can arrive 3.22. We provide user with quality products and save the money for user at the same time .

  • Environment friendly HFC410A,no damage to the ozone layer (ODP=0)
  • Higher volumetric refrigeration capacities, so better heat transfer ability and efficiency.
  • Less charge amount of the refrigerant which reduce the CO2 emission and greenhouse effect.

Adopt high quality AISI316 stainless steel plat heat exchanger. The close-cell thermal insulation material is attached on the exchanger to prevent condensation on the external surface. The electric heater inside the exchanger also can avoid frozen in extreme environment.

Features and Benefits

Efficient Condenser

  • V type (65kW) or U type (130kW) air-side heat exchanger which increase the effective heat exchange area to enhance the performance. Copper tube with internal volute thread also increase the heat exchange area and the refrigerant disturbance for better efficiency.
  • The hydrophilic-coated aluminum fin of the condenser can prevent the corrosion and the condensation water will not form the water drop which not effect the heat exchange performance.


The intelligent microprocessor have perfect protection function, such as protection when fault, alarm, record and analysis. Besides, the high and low pressure switch, fault phase, anti-phase, over load, over current, over heat, discharge gas temperature, water flow, anti-frozen functions are also equipped. And the fault can be recorded and alarm can be displayed.

Low Noise

The compressor and refrigeration system of the Climaveneta air-cooled unit are placed in the sound insulation board, and the rubber anti-vibration pad is used at the frame connection of the compressor to prevent vibration and noise transmission. The fan uses aerospace fan blades and aluminum cast outer rotor motors to reduce airflow noise.

Up to 16 units combined in 1 circuit

Modular design is convenient for transport and install. The system
can change the module quantity based on actual load condition
which is suitable for multi-staged investment.

Working Under Extreme Environment

Thanks to the large area heat exchanger and SMART DEFROST, the unit can operate reliably under low outdoor temperature that perfectly solved the problem between operation reliability under low outdoor temp. and high efficiency.

Electric Expansion Valve

  • Precisely control the gas flow to optimize the evaporator’s performance;
  • Adjust the system based on the superheat degree of suction gas for reliable running;
  • Improve the efficiency when the unit operates deviate the nominal condition or under low load condition;
  • Changes rapidly according to the load, and the water temperature is stable.

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