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CSRH.E-Y Series 353-2815kW(100-800Tons)

Water Cooled Chiller Withscrew Compressor


Efficient and Energy Saving

■ The semi-hermentic screw compressor with slide valve, which regulates the output load according to the condition and reduces the power consumption.
■ The shell and tube evaporator with asymmetric tube structure guarantees the refrigerant change from liquid to gas at the optimized speed. It can fully evaporate the liquid refrigerant and reduce the circulation resistance.
■ Close-cell rubber plastic insulation material is attached on the external surface of the evaporator to reduce the energ lost.
■ The unique heatre covery technology increases the cooling capacity as well as COP.

Highly Intelligent

This unit is controlled by a W3000 microprocessor. It can adjust the temperature and the flowrate automatically. The functions of failure alam, recording and diagnosis can realize network monitoring and unattended operation.

High Stability

■ The chiller is designed, manufactured and tested according to AHRI, EN, UNI, JIS and GB/T18430.1 standards
■ The electrical panel is manufactured according to IEC60204-1- 2005/GB5226.1-2008 standards. It complies with EMC code
■ The electrical panel protection complies with the relevent GB4208-2008 standards.
■ All products are tested strictly to guarantee the unit reliability and meet the requirments of the customers.

Free Hot Water

The chiller can produce chilled water and free hot water at same time during operation in summer. The high temperature water is generated without any extra electric consumption thanks to the heat recovery technology.

Quality Components

The high efficiency HFC134a screw compressor, patent asymmetric structure evaporator, enhanced high pressure condenser, unique heat recovery unit, high quality refrigeration
parts, intelligent control system, professional experience and technology of Climaveneta ensure the reliable and simple operation, and high performance of the chiller.

Environment Friendly

Refrigerant HFC134a is harmless to the atmosphere ozonosphere. Low discharge pressure also reduces the noise of the compressor. Domestic hot water heated by heat recovery
cycle can reduce the pollution to the environment.

Easy Installation

■ Compact unit, small footprint.
■ The different pressure water flow switch is equipped on the chiller before delivery.
■ The chiller is well lubricated and completely refrigerant charged
before delivery. And it’s fully tested under all range loading.


Improved manufacture processing of the screw, compact design and optimized features for HFC134a make the screw compressors capacity significantly enhanced without its dimensions increasing. And the cooling capacity is increased obviously by volumetric efficiency.


The compressor with five and six lobe rotors has a large contact area. The machining accuracy of the rotor reaches to micron scale. The rotor can maintain optimum gap value to achieve the highest efficiency in the case of continuous operation.


The bearing is made of aircraft grand material which is sturdy and
wearproof. In order to extend the bearing working life, the torque
distribution and the pressure difference between front and back end is
optimized and reduced. The axial torque and the radial torque are also
decreased for better stressed area of the bearing.

Oil Separators

The built-in oil separator has 3 stages of separation ensuring a highly oil carry over rate even at
high discharge velocity. The improved oil lubrication effectively reduces the oil content and the
superheat of the dischatge gas. Therefore, it further enhances oil separation performance.

Latest Control System

The chiller adopts a new control system with a friendly human-machine interface, excellent controls and adjustments ability, strong
capabilities of function expansion, monitoring and management, as well as strong compatibility. The chiller also contains several optional
accessories, and adds remote and group control functions.

Friendly Human-Machine Interface

The operation screen is embedded in the unit for easy operation and good protection. The automatic control by the computer realizes unattended operation. LCD screen can display data and parameter adjustment in various languages and menus. According to the tradition of Climaveneta, the status and parameters of the compressor are visually displayed individually to make sure the operating status clear at a glance.

Unit Control and Operation Management

The advanced microcomputer intelligent control system of W3000 contains specially designed control algorithm of Climaveneta. It highlights the energy efficiency and reliability of the unit. The balanced running time of FIFO compressor prolongs the life of machine. The automatic adjustment of the output load makes the machine more energy saving.

Combining with the load shedding system of the compressor can achieve 25-100% stepless
adjustment. The adjustments and settings of the operating parameters can adapt to different environments. The temperature and pressure protection using analog measurement can predict and prevent of failure and increase reliability.

Network Communication and Building Management Control

The chiller supports BMS connection and can connect to common
BMS systems such as Climaveneta, De’Longhi, MODBUS,

FWS Network Server

Microcomputer intelligent controller can be equipped with FMS
network server to monitor, set and adjust parameters and control
the unit operation through LAN or Internet.

Fault Protection, Alarm And Analysis Capabilities

The microcomputer intelligent controller contains perfect functions
of fault protection, alarm, recording and analysis. It has protection
functions of high/low pressure switch, lack of phase, reverse
phase, overload, overcurrent, overheat, exhaust temperature,
water flow, anti-frost and so on. The controller also achieves fault
recording and alarm display. The unique “Black Box” fault recording
and analyzing system can record 400 failures and more than 200
field data before each failure. It can diagnose and remove faults
rapidly to improve the technical support effect. By connecting
to the Climaveneta remote service program, it can find potential
failures before they occur and take proper preventive treatments.

Remote Group Controller


● LCD Visual display
● Group control and management
● Centralized control unit ON/OFF
● Pump control
● Potocols as ModBus, LonWork,
BACNET are optional

Manager 3000 (optional)

● Touch-screen
● Group control and management
● Centralized control unit ON/OFF
● Pump control
● Potocols as ModBus, LonWork,
BACNET are optional

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