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CLIMAVENETA computer room air conditioner COOLBLADE DX-M and CW-M series are suitable for communication rooms, switch rooms, data centers, museums, laboratory, etc.

Modular DX-M/CW-M Series

CLIMAVENETA computer room air conditioner COOLBLADE DX-M and CW-M series are suitable for communication rooms, switch rooms, data centers, museums, laboratory, etc. COOLBLADE DX-M and CW-M series strictly follow "Unitary air-conditioners for computer and data prcocessing room"(GB/T19413-2010) to design. COOLBLADE DX-M and CW-M series units are modular in design which can be combined according to user needs. The units are with flexible layout and easy to transport.

System Introduction

System Introduction


Unit Features

-Galvanized sheet metal structure and powder coating layer facing panel
-Sound insulation is applied to the panel to reduce noise
-Standard high efficiency scroll compressor
-Standard high efficiency EC fan
-Standard filter G4
-Optional sunken EC fan design
-New modular design for increased air volume

COOLBLADE has an intelligent electronic control center that provides intelligent PID control of all operational and environmental parameters of the site. The COOLBLADE electronic unit is open and can be parameterized according to specific customer requirements, especially for customer-specified environments.


Standard Function

-Semi-graphic display 132×64 pixel
-Programmable software
-ICONS Graphic Display
-General alarm
-Automatic reset after blackout
-Compressor FIFO management
-Integral LAN system
-Standby management
-Automatic rotation
-Serious alarms
-Clock card
-Emergency function

Main Option

-Serial cards for BMS interconnection
-Fire-smoke alarms
-Flooding alarm
-Electronic thermostat control
-SMS alarm

Options And Main Accessories


– Multi-speed centrifugal fans
– High efficiency Copeland Scroll compressors
– High and low side pressure switches
– Filters G4
– R-410A refrigerant
– 2-way valves (CW)
– Electrode humidifier
– Electric heaters
-Outdoor fan stepless speed regulation


– Modbus, BACNET, SNMP communication card
– DC inverter compressor
– Flooding alarm
– Air hood
– Electronic expansion valve
Electronic unit
– LAN, integral Local Area Network
– Start-up delay

Modular DX-M/CW-M Series

Model Nomenclature

CLIMAVENETA COOLBLADE products include several series depending on cooling type: direct expansion air cooled, direct expansionwater cooled, single coil chilled water, dual coil chilled water, dual fluid air cooled, dual fluid water cooled and water cooled with free cooling.

Direct Expansion Unit

Chilled Water Unit

Modular Combination Tecnical Parameters

CLIMAVENETA Modular unit can be assembled on site to make installation and transportation easier especially in limited space.

Chilled Water Modular Combination Technical Parameters

Air Cooled Modular Combination Technical Parameters

Air Cooled Modular Combination Technical Parameters

Air-Cooled Free Cooling Air Conditioning System

The unit comes with a dry cooler and a water distribution system. In the transitional season and winter, the air- conditioning water can be automatically cooling and cool down by the low-temperature air, and the compressor is




cooled by the insufficient part. In this transitional season and winter, compressor refrigeration can be reduced or not, effectively reducing the energy consumption of electric refrigeration. The annual electricity saving can be as high as 20-
60% according to different regions.

System Operation Characteristics

The system can automatically adjust the operating state of the unit according to the change of the outdoor ambient temperature, and realize the intelligent switching of the three operating modes, so as to make full use of the outdoor natural cold source to make the system more energy-saving.

System Schematic

Project Reference

China Construction Bank Head Office (Taoxiang Lake)

Qingdao Union Data Center

China Mobile Beijing International Information Port

Variable Frequency Oil Free Centrifugal Cooling System

Oil free centrifugal compressor represents the trend of today's most advanced compressor technology. Oil free centrifugal chiller adopts magnetic suspension bearing oil-free two-stage centrifugal compressor, variable frequency control, oil-free full liquid heat exchanger, which not only ensures the efficiency at full load, but also ensures high efficiency and energy saving operation under partial load, IPLV is up to The combined partial load efficiency of 10. And there is no surge, ultra-low mute, no peak current is generated, and there is no starting shock to the grid. It is especially suitable for data center construction that is put into use step by step.

System Features

System Features

System Features

– Two-stage centrifugal compression to improve compression efficiency.
– Magnetic suspension bearings, extremely low vibration.
– No speed increasing gear, no transmission loss.
– No lubrication required, friction loss is extremely low.
– Permanent magnet synchronous motor, high efficiency.
– Variable frequency drive / soft start function.
– Excellent partial load performance.
-Noise about running is extremely low.
– The compressor is light in weight.

Project Reference

Huitian Cloud Big Data Processing Center

Wuxi Supercomputer Center (Light of Shenwei Taihu Lake)

Hangzhou Baida Greentown Xizi International

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