Wahana Dc

Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller

CCS/CCS-INV Series 1758-3516kW (500-1000RT)

Unit Features

High Efficiency

Two stage centrifugal compressor with optimized impeller for R134a refrigerant promises high efficiency of unit, in the meanwhile, with low noise level and wide range of capacity, which permits stable operation even under 10% of full load. Heat Exchangers adopt CLIMAVENETA dedicated highly effective compact flooded-type evaporator and tube-shell type condenser.

The heat exchanger has the features of structure compact, high
efficient heat exchange, and low water pressure drop, as a result of operation cost reduction. The unit, equipped with EXV and CLIMAVENETA patented throttle orifice-plate, coordinates with IGV to adjust the flow of refrigerant according to load changes and improves unit part load efficiency.

Advanced Design

Compact design theory is adopted in unit structure design, which effectively reduces unit dimension and saves installation space. The motor is cooled when the middle pressure of compressor, avoiding condensation of compressor under lower temperature and ensuring stable operation of motor without additional insulation.

Standard configuration of refrigerant isolation valve enables storage of refrigerant in evaporator or condenser and favorable of on-site maintenance.

Reliable Operation

Semi-hermetic compressor eliminates the issue of shaft seal leakage for open-type compressor. The compressor, with build- in oil pump and outside refrigerant cooling oil cooler, makes sure oil temprature insusceptible of ambient temperature change. The motor is cooled by refrigerant with low operation temperature.

Easy Installation

Refrigerant and oil are charged in factory. Test and commissioning are conducted before delivery. Starter cabinet of unit is default of machine-carry type. Only water connection and power supply shall be installed on site.

Standard Criteria

The unit is strictly designed, manufactured and tested based on international or national standard, such as AHRI、EN、UNI、JIS and GB/T18430.1. The electric system is designed based on IEC60204-1/GB5226.1 standard. And the operation of unit is controlled and monitored by intelligent microcomputer system. Each unit is fully tested by strict process for best reliability and tomeet customer’s request.

Main Configuration

Two-Stage Centrifugal Compressor

Two-stage centrifugal compressors are optimized according to the three-dimensional flow theory and the efficiency of HFC134a under both full load and part load condition. It can obtain an excellent operation performance, and dramatically reduce the unit operation surge point effectively as well. High efficiency backward type fully enclosed impellers are adopted to avoid refrigerant broken flow, which makes the efficiency 6%
higher than normal single stage compressor.

IGV of compressor is controlled by high precision stepper motor. It can precisely control the opening of IGV, therefore accurately adjust the cooling capacity of unit. Semi-hermetic compressor, comparing with open-type, has no trouble of refrigerant leakage. The motor is well cooled by refrigerant as a result no more cooling system needed but ventilation equipment for the machine room.

Flooded Evaporator

The copper tubes of flooded type evaporator are completely dipped inside the boiling liquid refrigerant. Thanks to this design, the unit performance and COP are enhanced obviously. Super high efficiency copper tubes are designed with patent technology. The external screw on the tube benefits the evaporation of the refrigerant and as a result to reduce the heat transfer temperature difference between tube internal surface and
external surface effectively.

In order to achieve perfect water perturbation and turbulent heat transfer, the internal surface of the copper tube is also special designed. Chilled water flowing inside the tube, it’s beneficial for clean and maintenance.

Shell and Tube Condenser

Shell and tube condenser with patented high efficiency heat exchanger tube, rolling thread outside of tube, enhances dropwise condensation of refrigerant and greatly decreases the heat transfer temperature difference, therefore improves C OP of unit.

Thread inside of tube reinforces water perturbation and turbulent heat transfer. Cooling water flowing inside the tube, it’s beneficial for clean and maintenance.


Flash economizer, combining with two-stage compression technology, remarkably enhances the performance of unit. The economizer is optimized with compact structure, which
reinforces gas-liquid separation and reduces water pressure drop, as a result to improve the performance and reliability of economizer.

Throttle Device

The unit adopts patented orifice plate plus EXV throttle system to control refrigerant flow, which has the benefits of simple, reliable structure and is easy to maintain.
Orifice plate has the features of reliability and simple maintenance. Coupling with EXV’s benefits of instant response, the dedicated

throttle device is able to adjust refrigerant flow according to real- time load, ensuring stable and continuous regulation ranging from 10% to 100% of total load.

W3000 Control System

Information Display

  • Real-time temperature, pressure profile
  • Historical temperature, pressure profile
  • Real-time alarm code information
  • Historical alarm code information
  • Unit status information
  • Chilled water inlet/outlet temperature
  • Cooling water inlet/outlet temperature
  • Compression ratio
  • Power input
  • Supply voltage
  • Current input
  • IGV position
  • Compressor discharge temperature, pressure
  • Compressor suction temperature, pressure
  • Motor winding temperature
  • Lubricating oil temperature

Control System

  • 13’’ TFT LCD touch screen
  • Control system self-detection and diagnosis
  • Graphic display interface
  • Intelligent algorithm to guarantee optimal operation
  • Menu to display varieties of control and monitoring parameters
  • “Black Box” to record operation parameter before alarms
  • Display current status to assist fault diagnosis
  • Compatible with CLIMAVENETA ClimaPRO group-control system
  • Optional diversified BMS, like ModBus, LonWorks, BACnet, etc.

Shut-Down Safety

  • High motor temperature
  • High oil tank temperature
  • High/low oil cooler temperature
  • Low oil pump pressure
  • High oil filter pressure difference
  • Incorrect phase sequence, total and partial phase loss
  • High compressor discharge temperature
  • Low compressor discharge superheat
  • Voltage unbalance
  • Over-current
  • Oil pump overload
  • Surge protection
  • Low evaporator pressure
  • High condenser pressure

Capacity Regulation

  • Chilled water outlet temperature adjustment
  • Load and unload of the unit
  • IGV adjustment
  • EXV control
  • Economizer regulation

Interlocking Control

  • Remote start-stop control
  • Water flow control
  • Start cabinet and compressor interlocking control

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