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Design Critical Electrical Power & Mechanical Data Center

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Design Critical Electrical Power & Mechanical Data Center

Mission-critical infrastructure has particular power requirements that significantly impact how they are designed and operated. We prepare individuals to fully understand the high voltage system design & build by exploring the best practices and sharing the instructor’s experience. You will gain insight into the critical supply system, from power components to distribution and efficiency; from power requirements to sizing, design, testing and commissioning.

All sections are conducted by a who has more than 10 years experience in electrical engineering, project management, sustainable engineering and facility engineering for critical services.

– Concept on primary supply and secondary supply
– Power flow in mission critical supply systems
– Features of major equipment for critical supply
      > Uninterrupted power supply and power storage
      > Backup generators
      > Automatic transfer switches
      > Static transfer switches
      > Isolation transformers
– Efficiency assessment
– Power quality reviews
– Configuration diagram of critical supply (N+1 / 2N) design & analysis
– Review of cable sizing to incorporate harmonics content
– Earthing system design
– Testing and commissioning requirements
– Brief of Systems Merging Appraisal Test (SMAT)

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