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Climaveneta Water Cooled Screw Focswater


High efficiency flooded water cooled chiller Withscrew compressor

Energy Saving

CLIMAVENETA constantly strive technology innovation to deliver better
performance and higher reliability products consistently on the basis of
customer focus. FOCSWATER.E Series Water-cooled Flooded Higher
Efficiency Screw Chiller deliver superior full load performance and is also
AHRI certified. It's equipped with latest W3000 microprocessor, HFC134a
refrigerant, new designed hi-efficiency heat exchanger. The optimized
design makes the system more compatible, higher efficiency, more environment friendly and reliable.


It is ideal for both commercial and industrial applications. Especially for the FOCSWATER.E-INV screw chiller with inverter, part load performance is also superior and and especially suitable for large comfort complexes with variable population and unstable cooling demand, such as railway, hotel, hospital, etc.

Screw Compressor

● Semi-hermetic twin screw compressors with special designed for HFC 134a,featuring in high efficiency
compression and operation under full load and part load condition.
● Precisely manufactured twin rotor and aerospace-grade bear result in
reliable performance, low noise and stable operation.
● Direct-drives motor and least moving part make whole the unit without
other energy lost which also contribute to better operation efficiency.

Inverter Technology

● Inverter start as standard to reduce power in-rush at start-up.
● A DC choke is integrated in the inverter to reduce current harmonic distortion to the inverter.
● Noise much lower at partial load conditions, making a friendly environment especially for applications with large
● Onboard inverter installed and connected at factory, easy installation on site.

Flooded Type Evaporator

● The copper tube of flooded type evaporator are completely dipped inside the boiling liquid refrigerant. Thanks
to this design, the unit performance and COP are enhanced obviously;
● Super high efficiency copper tube are designed with patent technology. The external screw on the tube
increases the evaporation of the refrigerant and is beneficial for the drop condensation, so it reduces the heat
transfer temperature difference between tube internal surface and external surface effectively;
● In order to achieve perfect water perturbation and turbulent heat transfer, the internal surface of the copper tube
is also special designed;
● Because the chilled water flows inside the tube, it’s quite easy to clean and maintenance.

Electric Expansion Valve

The electric expansion valve is featured by its precise control, high sensitivity and well adaption to the part load condition. So CLIMAVENETA cooperate with world leader supplier for best performance both for full load and part load condition.

High Efficiency Flooded Water Cooled Chiller With Screw Compressor

High Stability

● The chiller is strictly designed, manufactured and tested based on
international or national standard, such as AHRI、EN、UNI、JIS
and GB/ T18430.1
● The built-in 3-stage oil separator and external 2-stage oil separator
are dedicated for the best performance of gas-oil separation.
● The unique oil return kit are used to makes sure the performance.
● Each unit is fully tested by strict process for best reliability and to
meet customer’s request.
● The protection level of unit external panel comply with GB4208-
2008 standard.

Easy Installation

● Compact design for floor area saving.
● The unit is oil and refrigerant charged before delivery, and it’s
completely factory tested under all range loading.
● The pressure difference type water flow switch is already installed on the chiller before delivery (we suggest to install water flow switch onpiping.

Safety of Electrical Devices

● The electric system is designed based on IEC60204-1-2005/
GB5226.1-2008 standard. And the system comply with the EMC
● The unit main power is inter locked with the bar breaker on the
electric panel door. This special design aims to make sure the
safety of the maintenance engineer.
● The electric component, such as the phase fault, phase unbalance,
are all standard configuration for the chiller.

Convenient Maintenance

● Full computer controlling, menu displaying, unit self-checking as
well as the load adjusting and safety is completely controlled by the
microprocessor. Daily operation is only to switch on the unit.
● Multi-circuit design are better for standby request of the system
● The unit is available for functions such as fault protection,
memorizing and alarming. All faults are clearly displayed.
● Each circuit has the check valve and “Pump Down” function for easy repairing.

Latest Control System

The chiller adopts a new control system with a friendly humanmachine interface, excellent controls and adjustments ability, strong capabilities of function expansion, monitoring and management, as well as strong compatibility. The chiller also contains several optional accessories, and adds remote and group control functions.

  • Friendly human-machine interface
  • Unit control and operation management
  • Network communication and building management control
  • FWS network server
  • Fault protection, alarm and analysis capabilities

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